"Everything you need for an awesome TDY experience at PIT, highly recommend!" -Patrick, 1/17/18

"Top of the line PIT Pad. Owners are attentive and responsive. Large house, plenty of parking, fully stocked. Can't go wrong staying here! Highly recommend!" -Dave, 2/15/18

"The PIT Pad is hands-down fantastic! Located a short drive to base, it was the ideal place for a TDY.  I could easily grab groceries at Walmart/HEB on the way home from work, take care of any errands nearby, and spend the evening barbecuing on the back patio. The neighborhood is very quiet and has a bunch of paths to go running, not to mention the neighborhood pool that’s open in the summer months! The living rooms and kitchen are fully stocked and there is plenty of parking out front for multiple tenants. The house is in great condition and anytime there were issues, the owners were quick to have it addressed within a couple days. I highly recommend this place to anyone here for TDY!" -Andrew, 9/10/18

"David and Paula's Pit Pad is probably one of the better ones out there. Located in beautiful Cibolo, it is close to one of the favorite hang out spots - Old Main Ice House. In the summer, Old Main is an awesome place to hang out outside, listen to live music, eat from the food truck, and drink Texas beer. The Pit Pad is also located close to a few other amazing restaurants to include Ciabelli's, Thai by Thai, Harmon's BBQ, and of course, countless Mexican restaurants.


The Pit Pad flaunts a record amount of TVs which were great to throw a few parties around Football season. There is a common area downstairs as well as upstairs, a pool table, a decently sized back yard (if you have pups) and each bedroom comes with its very own TV. The kitchen is the perfect size for 5+ people, and usually the Pit Pad only has 2-4 people living in it at one time. The beds are all queen size, and there are three smaller rooms, as well as one master, and one large room. If you get stuck in the smaller room, there is enough space for one person, a good closet, and the house has enough common areas where you won't feel cramped. (Compared to other Pit Pads where the common areas are NOT as luxurious.)


Although it doesn't have its own pool - there is a pool in the neighborhood, and if you make friends with other people at PIT who have a pool, I found it not to be a problem. Plus if you go during pool season, you should be out drinking on the river anyway!


David and Paula were extremely helpful during my time there. They both would notify us with regard to any maintenance that was going on, or whether or not the maid service was coming. (Maid service was awesome, once a week, and kept the house impeccable!) They were also very helpful after I moved out, and were still in contact with me when I had questions filing my DTS voucher.


All in all - the Pit Pad made FAIPing a bit sweeter, and was a great place to stay throughout PIT. Would highly recommend!" -Rachel, 11/27/18

My 5-month stay at The PIT Pad surpassed all expectations. Every room was large and accommodating, from the bedrooms to the kitchen. Your bedroom will have a desk, dresser, night stand, TV, and super comfy bed. It's in a great neighborhood--everything you need is close by, but you don't feel too close to base--and there are multiple rec areas near by. On top of that, the owners are there to make sure you enjoy your stay! I would definitely recommend this crash pad! -Connor 2/12/19

I absolutely loved my stay at the Pit Pad! Above all else, the service provided to me was top-notch. Dave and Paula always made sure the house was clean, replaced any broken appliances, the fence, and made sure the house was always functional. They even sent us a Christmas tree for the holidays to make the Pad feel more like home! The Cote's would always make themselves available for us and truly cared that we enjoyed our stay. San Antonio is a blast, and having a place to come back to that's in the hands of someone who knows the military lifestyle, while being hospitable, is a huge plus. The Pit Pad for the win!

- Blake 2/14/2019




325 Golden Bear Drive
Cibolo, TX 78108